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iPhone made into a classic flip-number alarm clock!

If you grew up in the 70s or 80s, chances are you, or someone in your family had a clock radio with the flip-numbers.The numbers flipped down, changing the time, which I found, for some reason, to be fascinating. I guess it’s because I never saw a clock like that, only the standard analog type.

Then of course, is the faux wood grain and the basic radio and alarm.

So I was watching the movie “Groundhog Day” recently when the waking up scene kept repeating over and over -there is one of those old clock radios in the scene.

So I thought I’d like to get one again – off eBay of course – just for old times sake, feeling a twang of nostalgia.

Then I was playing with my iPhone.

Then a few ideas started brewing in my head…could I make it all come together?

Every night – like tens of millions of Americans – I put the charger cable in my phone and set it on my nightstand, so it’ll be ready for tomorrow.

On a lark, I looked for an app that simulated the old clock radios – and not only did a find a few flip-number types but a very cool rectangular one as well.

Using my skills at SketchUp – a drafting program – I came up with a simple to make, yet very cool clock radio that harkens back to the days of classic clock radios, yet includes the new twist of a smartphone – and doubles as a charger as well!

There is info there on how to order the plans for this as well!
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Ashley Craftsman Clock, #2

il_fullxfull-1079378373_qml9This new craftsman style mantle clock is almost 18″ high, and features a solid copper etched clock face. This piece also features a large selection of fine woods, including cherry, walnut, walnut burl, ebony and paduak. I designed this piece.

The tile inset is by the world famous Motawi tile works.

The clock movement is a standard battery operated quartz mechanism – but can be upgraded. Comes with brass pendulum.

Buy it on Etsy!


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The Beatles and Me.

BeatlesSo, you’ve heard about this little group called “The Beatles” haven’t you? Four-man rock band out of Liverpool?

Who hasn’t…people continue to find out about them everyday, and each day, all the members make money for performances they gave as much as 50 years ago. Imagine that, work you did when you were a young man still making you money today.

That’s one tested way to make a fortune – making once, and selling many. It’s what the Beatles did, it’s what J.K. Rowling did with the Harry Potter series, made something once, and sold it a gazillion times.

I hate to break it to you, but it’s a long shot to get rich by doing woodworking – or any other work in which you make one, sell one, make one, sell one…rinse and repeat. Their are few exceptions of course; famous artists can create a piece and sell it right away for a ton of money – but that’s a million to one.

So how do we extrapolate this to woodworking? Production.

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Craftsman Style Coffee Table

Limbert Coffee table


An elliptical top, arched legs, and decorative piercings add grace and beauty to this Craftsman-style table modeled after a library table by Charles Limbert. This scaled-down version preserves the original overall proportions, as well as elliptical top and shelf, gently curved legs, and decorative piercings in the stretchers. Bridle joints hold the legs and aprons together, and a notched bridle joint is used where the stretchers intersect. The legs and shelf are notched where they meet, and slip tenons join the stretchers to the legs.

Dimensions: Oval top is approx 3′ x 2′, table top is 20″ in height.

Material: all solid quarter-sawn white oak.

NOTE: Shipping is done by FedEx; it is the largest package they will take, short of it going freight. I have a custom, heavy-duty cardboard box custom made for this table. The shipping is $275 to any place in continental US.

Design: G Paolini

Cherry Limbert Coffee Table

Cherry version

Living room

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Craftsman style table, Limbert #240

limbert table$875

This Limbert table from the early 1900s features gentle curves on each edge and arched openings in the side panels provide access to the shelf.

Overall dimensions: 20″ wide, 20″ deep, by 29″ high, made of quarter-sawn white oak.








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Craftsman Round Table

Roundtop Craftsman Table


Take a look at this table, and I know you’ll find something to admire – whether it’s the highly figured quartersawn white oak, the decorative slots in the tapered legs, or the dramatic grain patterns of the round tabletop and the cross-shaped shelf.

Approx. 30″ tall, the top is 22″ round.Approx. 30″ tall, the top is 22″ round. NOTE: I also make a 24″ high version.

Craftsman Round TableCraftsman Round Table bottom
  IMG_7375-25%withtext IMG_7366-25%with text
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Lost Stickley Mission Style Table

Lost Stickley Table Dressed


This is the so-called “lost” Stickley Mission style table, which was prototyped, but never was in production. What makes it unique is the front and back splay of the legs. It’s this slight angle that gives this table more character than straight-legged versions that were mass produced.

27″ high, 22″ deep, 16″ wide. Solid quarter sawn oak. (can also be made of cherry)

“We ordered two Stickley bedside tables from Patrick and could not be happier. He took such extraordinary care in the craftsmanship and the pieces are simply beautiful.” – Wendy K., Manhattan


Lost Stickley Table CloseLost Stickley Table



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