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Since 2000, New Mission Workshop has been striving to bring high-quality mission style furniture, clocks, lectern, urns and other pieces to market.

Patrick Ashley is the propelling force behind New Mission Workshop, with a passion for new designs and a constant honing of the woodworking craft.

Located in Rochester, New York, New Mission Workshop pieces are American made, using lumber from a local sawyer.

My email address is

Contact Info:

Patrick Ashley
7320 Shallow Creek Trail, Apt G
Victor, NY 14564


4 responses to “About / Contact

  1. SK

    December 6, 2013 at 2:53 pm

    HI Patrick, I have very much enjoyed your blogs lately on pretty much everything. I live in Rome,NY and have been woodworking part time for 30 yrs and full time for 5. Would love to pick your brain on a few things, mainly the business end of WW. I love your “New Mission Workshop” presentation,blogs and projects. All very inspiring to a middle of the road woodworker like me. Please check out my Facebook page/projects, SK Custom Woodworks LLC and constructive critcism is always welcome. Thanks for you time and look forward to hearing from you. Stan

  2. pashley1916

    August 9, 2014 at 8:13 am

    I’m sorry you feel that way. If you knew me in person, you’d know I’m far from that. I’m just trying to share my experiences to help others, even hit and run types that are insecure, like you.

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