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Lost Stickley Mission Style Table

Lost Stickley Table Dressed


This is the so-called “lost” Stickley Mission style table, which was prototyped, but never was in production. What makes it unique is the front and back splay of the legs. It’s this slight angle that gives this table more character than straight-legged versions that were mass produced.

27″ high, 22″ deep, 16″ wide. Solid quarter sawn oak. (can also be made of cherry)

“We ordered two Stickley bedside tables from Patrick and could not be happier. He took such extraordinary care in the craftsmanship and the pieces are simply beautiful.” – Wendy K., Manhattan


Lost Stickley Table CloseLost Stickley Table



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Missing Stickley Mission Style End Table

I was looking around the net for some furniture; the wife wants me to make some end table to accompany our new living room furniture on order. Yes dear. What was getting to be an eye-glazing chore turned out to be a great find!

All the ones I came across, in an image search, were pretty generic.

Then, I came across this one. Wow. Now this is what I’m talking about! Distinctive, mission style, and beautiful! No pain in the butt spindles to make either.Stickley table

Here’s the back story to this piece: It is a an actually Stickley design, a prototype never put into production. It showed up at a Sotheby’s auction in 2006. What makes it quite unique is the splayed legs. Usually, when you think about Stickley legs, they are symmetrical and perpendicular to the floor. Not the case here.

Plans for this baby? FREE! You can get the whole story, and the plan at Popular Woodworking.

Yes, the wife loved it too. I think I might modify a bit, to put my own touch on it, but I think overall this is a great piece.

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