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It’s Not All About the Money

smiling woman“Got it! Love it! The stain color is just what I wanted and I like the cranberry stain on the little insert pieces because there is a slight bit of that color in the wallpaper. I will send you a photo when it is decorated and up on the wall, which should be soon.”

“There are not enough superlatives to describe how beautiful and wonderfully made this clock is and what a delight the artist is. And Patrick made this just for me! Such care and craftsmanship – it is truly a work of art. All materials are exceptional and the whole is a treasure for generations. I adore it and will be a repeat customer. Enjoyed the whole process. Thanks, Patrick!”

” I’ve been looking for a source of hand-crafted mission lamps and was delighted to discover the New Mission Workshop. My new lamp is beautiful and well made, offering a warm finish and clean lines that are a perfect match with my home.”

The comments above are actual testimonials from my customers.

I think people forget just how ingratiating kind words can be from customers – wether that be a woodworker like myself, someone in an office, or a cashier. Yes, money is nice, but kind words really go along way (at least for me) and costs nothing for the person making the comment. On the flip side, making a kind comment to someone (heartfelt of course) is a great thing to do; you can really make someone’s day, and who knows, maybe their life, if they are at the end of their rope; your kind words could be the safety net that saves them from doing something stupid.

I enjoy what I do – and I get paid pretty well for it – but a big part of that pay is the kind words of appreciation that my customers bestow.

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