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Need New Business Cards? Get them here.

moo.comI’m sorry, but if you’re business card looks cheap, I don’t think much of your business. I guess my thinking is, if you don’t care enough to put a few bucks into the presentation of your business, how much are you going to care when you provide your service and/or product to me?

I feel that way with your logo, business name and place of business too! But that’s another blog post…

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about Moo. I know, strange name, but it’s indicative of the company, in that they think outside the box, they are creative and fun, a feature I value in people and companies. They are an online printing company, and they have awesome products; I would call them the Apple of the printing world.

I forgot how I came across them, but very happy I did. I wanted a premium business card, cheap, like anyone. I wanted to be able to upload my own design, front and back. Moo accommodated those wishes, as seen here:

Moo cards

Obviously, the moo stamp is not on the final product. I got 50 of these cards, on really stiff stock, with beautiful color for….$5.50, shipped. Yes, that was an introductory price. But isn’t it great that I get these for  11¢ each?! When I place my order next time, of 200 cards, it’ll be $69.99, or 35¢ each. For this quality and level of service, yes, it’s worth it.

You too can get the same $5.50 deal here, and no, I don’t get any kind of kickback for it. The only kickbacks I get, unfortunately, is from my table saw.

They also have this very interesting product, Printfinity! where you can print a different design or photograph on every single card in the pack. Show off your products or your portfolio. So what does that mean for us woodworkers? Well, look at my card above. Imagine I’m at a show; I’ve got, let’s say, 5 big items for sale, including those two tables above. Moo can print my one side (let’s say your contact info side) all the same, but print 5 different reverse sides – each with a nice shot of the 5 different products. For instance, the Limbert table on the right. I can have Moo print up (for example) 100 cards with the table on the back, and set those cards right on that table for customers to take. So the customer gets a card with a picture of the exact product they were interested in at the show! When they take it home, they’ll be reminded again how much they loved it, and hopefully will buy. I can do the same for the other 4 products as well. I think that’s a great idea.

So, on my say so, try Moo – you won’t regret it.

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