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Like any business, promotion is required. I found a site, in which to create a very nicely done little promo for the New Mission Workshop. It’s hosted on YouTube, and I have it in my profile over at

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Local Artist Feature = lots of biz!

In November of 2010, I took a chance and submitted my name to the local newspaper here in Rochester, NY (third largest city in NYS), and they decided to go with me! I just answered some questions in an email they sent me, send a pic of myself, and a piece I would want them to feature in the article.

I got a TON of business from it. I had people calling from all over, wanting my clock, or throwing out other business proposals. I was literally getting a call every other day for an order. This lated about 10 days. Not only that, it was only about a month away from Christmas! I was in the shop working 14 hour days for a couple of weeks, which is dangerous, when you think about it, being tired around power tools, and such! Anyway, it was a great ride. Sadly, haven’t done as much business since. While it wasn’t an advertisement, per se, there’s no denying that print media had a big impact on my business. So, checking out the prices for a decent size, color, magazine and newspaper ad, I found them to be about $500! Yes, one ad in the newspaper – one day – was about $500 for a modest-size colored ad! Ads in targeted markets in magazines, such as Adirondack Life, or American Bungalow magazine were along the same lines. At least people generally keep magazines around for a while; newspapers, no.

Anyhow, here’s the blurb in the paper:

Craftsman article

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