Compelling Quotes about Woodworking You Need to Read!

11 May

quotes icon• “‘… It’s not that there’s not a demand for fine woodworking – it’s that there’s a demand for fine woodworking with imagination.  The things that are considered classic now weren’t classic when they were conceived, they were innovative and imaginative.  The first Windsor chair was a work of art.  The 2,000th was just a copy.’” – Victor Di Novi


• “‘Often I’ll conceive and execute a project just because it’s something I want to do, not necessarily because I think it will sell.  Most woodworkers don’t allow themselves this freedom.’” – Victor Di Novi


• “Things like patternmaking, efficient use of materials and adapting machinery are all factors in the process of making a better product at a lower price.” – Tom Toldrian


• “in craft ‘design, function and technique come first; in art, form and content come first.’” – Stephen Whittlesey


• “If it bothers you that the chair is askew, just go to your local furniture store and look at chairs until you feel better.” – Brian Boggs


• “‘Of course I would like the business to make money so that my family lives comfortably, but I think the most important measure of success is making sure that the daily process of my life has meaning, and that it feels worthwhile.’” – Gene Agress


• “‘Too many times woodworkers make something and think it’s nice, but it doesn’t solve problems for people.” – Rich Robertson


• “Obstructions lead to creativity.” – Stephen Gleasner

• “In woodworking, mistakes wonderfully focus creative solutions.” – Patrick Ashley


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