Do What You Love; The Money Will Follow.

26 Nov

I’ve had a lot of bad jobs in my life; whether that’s a low-paying position, bad work, or a combination of both. Digging ditches? Done it. Washing dishes? That too. Muffler repair, McDonalds, grave shift at a cheese factory, photo-lab manager, computer repair – check, check and re-check. Some jobs involved working with real jerks; others were back-breaking; some paid squat. Most were a combination of all those. Some were boring beyond belief; others frantic. One thing I learned: nothing makes you as miserable (save an awful spouse) as a job you have to go to every day that you hate.

I left the traditional working world about 11 years ago because my job was being moved out of state, and my daughter was just being born, so we made the decision for me to stay at home, and nurse along my woodworking career. No, it wasn’t easy, though it sounds like it might be. There were emotional issues to deal with I won’t share here. Nonetheless, I did it, and we plodded along. Now my woodworking skills are becoming increasingly in demand – I’m busy all the time. My work is my passion, and not a lot of people can’t say that about their work. I can work all kinds of crazy hours – or not, and you can’t beat the commute.

If you do very well at your job, people will see you out, and pay you well, especially in this line of work. It’s very gratifying to have people be very pleased with your work – as opposed to slaving away in a cubicle and rarely getting even a “Great job” comment. I personally delivered a set of nesting tables to a customer a few days ago (my Mission Nesting Tables), and received some great comments; moments later he was mentioning he would be wanting six chairs for a dining room table! How great is that?

Things are moving in my direction; I guess there is something to that maxim, “Do what you love, the money will follow” 🙂

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