Curved Panel Small Clock

24 Jan

Craftsman clockAs per my previous post, I made a small clock with curved two panel sides, as a technical challenge. It’s now in my stable of clocks for sale.

I’m happy with the results; the curved sides add a unique flair you don’t see a lot in clocks – especially Mission or Craftsman style clocks (hence the name of my shop – NEW Mission Workshop).

The hardest part was of course the curved panel sides, but I made a jig for a router that makes pretty quick work of those side panels. Essentially, the router rides over a long crescent; the I rip the crescent down the middle, and voila! I have the two sides of the clock. That’s not quite the whole deal, it’s a bit complicated to explain in this blog, but that’s the gist. The paper clock face was my design as well; it’s done on archival quality paper, very thick, and then sprayed multiple times with poly to protect it.

All in all, I nice technical challenge with a nice result.

craftsman clock

Oh, the name of it? Childwold. It’s a very small blip of a hamlet in the Adirondack mountains, near to our summer cottage, and the name just came to mind for this piece.

You can see a close up of the side in this shot. It’s maple and cherry. You’ll note I didn’t put a “rail” on the bottom of the curved panel to firm up that panel look; I tried it, but it just didn’t look right to me.

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