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Ukelele & Mandolin Stand

Ukelele stand


I recently took up playing the ukelele; I’ve always wanted to play a string instrument, but the guitar was just too obvious – everyone plays the guitar! I wanted a different sound, and something relatively easy to play, and the ukelele was the ticket.

However, when not practicing, I had no real good place to put it down; a table top took up too much room, and just leaning it into a corner was too iffy. The commercial stands sold are very ugly and metallic; functional, yes, pretty, like my ukelele, no.

So, I created this mahogany stand for it (after several prototypes). It hangs the ukelele (or your mandolin) in a bendable, yet solid foam covered cradle, so the instrument is not having it’s bottom or side roughed up, had it been laying down – and it’s very easy to shape the cradle arms in or out to suit your instrument’s needs. My ukelele’s head is asymmetrical, so adding a slight twist to the cradle when installing it was right for me – we can discuss your instrument’s needs upon ordering.

Perhaps just as important as a great way to set your instrument, this piece just looks great – a fine complement to your beautiful ukelele or mandolin – unlike some cheap ugly metal stand. This piece would look great in your living room, office – or wherever you practice.

While this piece is in mahogany, obviously other wood choices are available, and can be combined. I could see this piece in cherry, with the top of the two “boomerangs” on the base being ebonized, or blackened, for contrast. Or, if you are the more adventurous type, we could try Zebra wood, or Purpleheart, or Yellowheart. Possibly, I could match your instrument’s woods as well.

ukelele stand



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Lost Stickley Mission Style Table

Lost Stickley Table Dressed


This is the so-called “lost” Stickley Mission style table, which was prototyped, but never was in production. What makes it unique is the front and back splay of the legs. It’s this slight angle that gives this table more character than straight-legged versions that were mass produced.

27″ high, 22″ deep, 16″ wide. Solid quarter sawn oak. (can also be made of cherry)

“We ordered two Stickley bedside tables from Patrick and could not be happier. He took such extraordinary care in the craftsmanship and the pieces are simply beautiful.” – Wendy K., Manhattan


Lost Stickley Table CloseLost Stickley Table



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Mission Desk (Commission)



Mission style desk for computer use, a commission. All quarter-sawn white oak. Legs are quarter sawn on all four sides. The client uses specialty control panels for his software, and requested I make custom cut outs for them; also, when not using the panels, he can put in filler inserts. Also built a “cage” for his components.


Original concept rendering; client didn’t want the corbels.


Frontal in useCage in useBack wide

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Modern Mission Desk

I challenged myself to design a modern mission style desk. The contrast between the two styles was challenging. I enjoy designing with Sketchup (and the rendering engine, Kerekythea) as much as actually being in the shop.

Some specifics: The drawer pulls are hammered copper, and sunk into cutouts in the drawer, as contrasted to being attached through the drawer front by a screw. All cherry and ebonized cherry. 6′ 4″ long by 32″ at the deepest. The top is 30″ high, and has 25″ of leg clearance.

Modern Mission Desk

Back CLose Handle close upOblique 2 Overhead

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Craftsman Style Coffee Table

Limbert Coffee table


An elliptical top, arched legs, and decorative piercings add grace and beauty to this Craftsman-style table modeled after a library table by Charles Limbert. This scaled-down version preserves the original overall proportions, as well as elliptical top and shelf, gently curved legs, and decorative piercings in the stretchers. Bridle joints hold the legs and aprons together, and a notched bridle joint is used where the stretchers intersect. The legs and shelf are notched where they meet, and slip tenons join the stretchers to the legs.

Dimensions: Oval top is approx 3′ x 2′, table top is 20″ in height.

Material: all solid quarter-sawn white oak.

Design: G Paolini

Cherry Limbert Coffee Table

Cherry version

Living room

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Grand Mission Desk

Grand Mission Desk


This wonderful Mission (Craftsman, Arts and Crafts) desk is for the person that wants a real showpiece in his or her office or den.

The top is a commanding 1 1/2″ thick piece; the legs are stylish, yet solid and massive in feel. They are capped top and bottom as well. The bottom arched vertical pieces in the middle panel, and corbels add stylish flair. Real Harvey Ellis reproductions of inlays are featured in the middle panel (they are other styles that can be chosen). In this current rendition, it is a computer workstation; there is no drawers or shelving in the back end.

Top is a huge 1.5″ thick slab, 84″ wide, by 30″ deep, 28″ high. All quarter-sawn white oak.

NOTE: The configuration o this desk can be changed – wood type, stain, wood combinations, as well as adding drawer or shelving in the back (currently there are none; they would cost additional). I would create a new Etsy listing for your approval, in that case.

SHIPPING: Paypal will add $500 automatically for shipping. This is an approximation only. Actual shipping will vary. If you are with 6 hours of Rochester, NY, I will deliver personally for a nominal charge. You are also welcome to pick up the pieces yourself, or arrange for a carrier to do so. I will also ship outside the USA, but again, shipping charges will be different from the $500 cited.

Oblique 1 Front Grand Mission Desk

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Arts & Crafts Wall Shelf

Mission shelf


This marvelous Arts and Crafts (or Craftsman) Wall Shelf features two large columns with a a flower/stem/leaf inlay. Two shelves will handsomely display your best decorative items or photographs. You won’t find another piece like this.Post view2

Made of all quarter-sawn white oak (with the exception of the inlay), and traditional bullet-proof mortise and tenon joinery, this piece will not only look great for decades, but be solid today as when your heirs fight over it.

43″ wide, 23″ tall, 6″ deep


“Patrick did a great job of keeping me informed on the progress of my shelf and I was absolutely thrilled with it when I received it. The craftsmanship is unparalleled. I get many compliments on it, as it is the highlight of my Mission-style dining room.” C.S., Glenview, IL

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Mission Style Candle Holders

cherry candle stick holderThese beautiful mission (“Craftsman” or “Arts and Crafts”) candle holders will highlight any table setting at your next get together. Crafted from my own original design, they hold standard 3/4″ diameter taper candles that can be found almost anywhere. Shown in the photos are the 6″ size candles. Each piece has four felt pads on the bottom, so as not to scratch your table, and copper sleeves in the candle receptacle area for added flair and safety. The finish on the holders are shellac and two coats of paste wax for a creamy, rich feel. The top surface of the holder is strictly satin polyurethane, to aid in removal of dripped wax. Approximately 9″ high; base is 4.5″ square.

For more on candle safety, please visit here.

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Mission Nesting Tables


Mission style nesting tables. All quarter-sawn white oak.

All table tops are 1″ thick solid quarter-sawn white oak.

Largest table is 2′ tall; top measures 1’1” x 1′ 3″
Mid table is 1′ 10″ tall; top measures 1′ 1″ x 1′ 4″
Small table is 1′ 8″ tall; top measures 10″ x 11″

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Craftsman Medicine Cabinet

craftsman medicine cabinet


Craftsman (or Mission, Arts and Crafts) style medicine cabinet. Features a beautiful panel door with arched top.

Approximately 20″ high, by 6 inches deep, by 18 inches wide (the top is 2′ wide).

All cherry; the corbels under the top are paduak.

Comes with an easy-to-install hanger, which I’ll partially install for you. Includes two shelves, and ring pull hardware.

Cherry, when it is freshly planed, is a very pale salmon color. After about a year of being exposed to air and sunlight, it will reach a final color, the warm orange-brown cherry we love.

So then, I can leave it that normal color, and let it darken down over time, and just apply a top coat of shellac and wax, or, I can stain it for you a LIGHT cherry color, to give it some color. Keep in mind though, with the latter option, the final color will be darker than if you let it color itself over time. Personally, I would let it darken over time by itself for a perfect finish.

PLEASE NOTE: In these photos, the stain is more orangey than it really is; in reality, it is the warm brown-orange of traditional cherry.

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